IP Video Transcoding Live! Evaluation Download

Try IPVTL 16 channel version for 30 days free.

Version IPVTL for Windows Windows 64 bit Executable Installer

For Windows 7/8/10 & Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2016/2022 64 bit.
Requires Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Packages.

IPVTL for Linux Linux 64 bit LZMA Tarball

For CentOS Stream, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu 64 bit (Kernel 4.x or above)

Requires libva, libva-drm, libavahi libraries.


Version Updates

v6.3.6.0 v6.2.5.1 v6.2.4.4 v6.1.4.4b v6.1.4.4a Show more...
  • AOM AV1 video encoding
  • WebM Opus audio encoding
  • File segment output
  • Fixed Facebook Live secured streaming
  • Fixed occassional AAC decode failure
  • CPU Load Monitor UI
  • Show Video Frame Rate in Channel Status
  • Configuration Import/Export in Web Interface
  • NVDEC accelerated HEVC decoding
  • Switch to 64bit core on Windows
  • Google VP8/VP9 codecs
  • User Access Control in Windows UI
  • NVIDIA scale_npp acceleration
  • Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) support
  • Newtek devices select UI
  • Fix secured RTMP (rtmps) streaming issue for Youtube/Facebook
  • Folder streaming on Linux & new recursive mode
  • Remove RTSP Output Support
  • HTTP Output Limited to one Client Only
  • Remove Time Shifting function
  • Video Scan Type Option (Interlaced Encoding)
  • Alsa Input on Linux
  • DASH Format Input Support
  • Folder Streaming Bug Fix
  • Audio 7.1 Channel Output
  • Overlay using Video URL
  • Newtek NDI Input & Output
  • More MPEG-TS Options (Video/Audio pid, PCR pid, PMT pid)
  • Fix Multiple Processor affinity Issue on Windows
  • MJPEG Output Format Support
  • MPEG-TS Options (program ID, name, provider)
  • Log File Auto Clean
  • DeckLink Device Format Selection
  • Text Overlay
  • V4L2 Input Support on Linux
  • NVDEC/CUVID Acceleration for H.264 Decode
  • HE-AAC Encoding & E-AC3 (AC3+) Encodings
  • Intel Quick Sync Accelerated HEVC Encoding Bug Fix
  • NVIDIA CUDA/CUVID/NVDEC Accelerated H.264/HEVC Decoding UHD/4K Video
  • Easier RTMP Pushing to Youtube and Other Flash Sites
  • More Advanced Settings (RTMP/HLS/Timeshifting) Available in Web Interface
  • License Activation Thru Web Interface on Linux
  • Enhanced Web Interface Security (Login Password & IP Whitelist)
  • Blackmagic DeckLink Capture / Playback Card Enumerator on Windows
  • Multi-bitrate Profiles for UDP Output
  • Fix PCR Accuracy Issue in UDP MPEG TS Output
  • UDP MPEG TS CBR Output Optimzation
  • CPU Affinity Management (Processor Load Balance) on Linux
  • Video Key Frame Interval Setting Change to Unit in Seconds
  • MPEG DASH Output Format
  • Web Interface to Edit Channel Settings
  • Fix Intel Quick Sync Video Acceleration Issue on Linux
  • Daemon (background) Running Mode under Linux
  • RTSP Output Format
  • Web Interface for Live Channel Status Management