IP Live Video Transcoding Live


We offer very competitive price against other live transcoding solutions, starting from $120 only. As an example see Pricing Comparison with Wowza Transcoder Addon below:

Number of Channels Wowza Transcoder Addon IP Video Transcoding Live!
1 $240 / Year $120
4 $960 / Year $240
16 $2,256 / Year $480
64 $11,232 / Year $960

Being licensed user, you receive lifetime IPVTL software license, with 1 year free software updates and support from us.

If you want further software updates and support, subscription renewal is required annually, starting from the 2nd year.

We offer bulk discount to volume channel/license purchase and distributors, starting from 200 channels and 3 instances base. C/C++ native SDK license is also possible. For more pricing details about IPVTL, please feel free to inquire at sales#ipvideotrans.com.

User Stories

IPVTL has been helping customers from over 90 countries and regions to build their IPTV platforms. Companies we are serving scale from hotel IPTV providers to telecom and government transportation departments.

World Wide IPTV Providers supported by IPVTL