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IPTV Live Video Encoding & Streaming HTML5

Stream live HTML5 video to Chrome / FireFox / Safari / IE web browsers

HTML 5 makes adding video to a web page as easy as adding an image. The HTML5 <video> tag specifies a standard way to embed a video on a web page.

IPVTL is capable of streaming live HTML5 MP4 video since v6.2.4.4. To do that, choose MP4 over HTTP in Target format, and enter local http/https url with port in Target URL, like

You may find the output address very much like MPEG-TS over HTTP output. The difference is that MP4 Over HTTP is able to be played directly in web browsers.

After channel starts running, the output video can be played in IPVTL web console. Just click Preview button and the video will show up in IPVTL logo area.

In this way, you can also stream live videos on your own web site, by integrating HTML5 video tag on the web page like below:

 <video width="320" height="240" controls>
   <source src="" type="video/mp4">

Tip: To output secured http rather than plain http, enable SSL and provide SSL certificate key files in Global Settings.